• Wool

    Coggeshall wool was famous across Europe and made the town prosperous
  • Coggeshall Lace

    The town became a centre for lace-making and Coggeshall Tambour Lace was renowned
  • Velvet Weaving

    The last of the Coggeshall cloth trades velvet weaving continued into the 20th century
  • Isinglass

    Starting as a by product of the tanning trade, Coggeshall isinglass became world famous
  • Silk

    Silk was manufactured at the Abbey Mill and later at a huge factory in the centre of town
  • Seed Growing

    J K King and E W King became household names in supplying agricultural and horticultural seeds
  • Woodcarving

    Coggeshall became a noted centre for woodcarving in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Hollingtons

    The 'Stitching Factory' provided employment for generations of Coggeshall Women
  • Straw Plaiting

    In the mid nineteeth century there were scores of straw plaiters and eight hat makers in Coggeshall