• Dick Nunn

    Coggeshall's famous blacksmith who defied the authorities and spoke up for working people.
  • John Carter

    Paralysed after fall from a tree John Carter began to draw and paint using his mouth
  • Ralph of Coggeshall

    Abbot of Coggeshall Abbey and major contributor to the Chronicon Anglicanum
  • John Owen

    Coggeshall Pastor and perhaps the greatest theologian England has ever produced.
  • Henry Doubleday

    A self taught man after whom the Henry Doubleday Research Association is named.
  • Robert Hitcham

    A great benefactor of Coggeshall who financed a school and still provides help for scholars.
  • Thomas Hawkes

    A Coggeshall Protestant Martyr who was burned to death on Vicarage Field in 1555
  • The Rev. William James Dampier

    The Vicar who carried out the restoration of the church
  • Joseph Bufton

    His diary givies an insight into Coggeshall life in the 17th century
  • The Buxton Family

    Once owned Paycockes and 300 years later gave it to the nation
  • The Paycockes

    Wealthy Clothiers who built a remarkable house
  • Frank Baines

    Eccentric, soldier and Writer. One of a kind
  • Phyllis Wood MBE

    A tireless worker for Coggeshall people.
  • The Adams Twins

    Inseparable Coggeshall twins who lived next to Paycocke's.
  • Cecil Hewett

    An historian who revolutionised the dating of timber buildings
  • Cyril Barraud

    WW1 artist whose illustrations also adorned LNER railway carriages
  • The Honywoods

    Marks Hall with its renowned park was home to the Honywood family for 350 years.
  • The Coggeshall Gang

    A vicious gang of thieves
  • The Coggeshalls

    A family named after our town who lived at Coggeshall Hall for many generations